5 Things Nature Lovers Must Do While In Surabaya Indonesia

Those who have visited Surabaya, Indonesia for the first time might instantly think that this is generally an urban center. What many tourists do not know is that there are many places to visit here for nature lovers. If you want to see Surabaya Indonesia Attractions soon, then take a look at these five things that you can do while you’re here.

Hike to the Mountains

Tired of touring the city? Then why not take a hike to a tourist location that is a bit farther from Surabaya? Mount Bromo is a natural wonder located in East Java. This is the perfect activity for those who love to push their legs and feet to the limit. Reaching its summit will give you a breathtaking sunrise experience while enjoying the views over the Tengger Caldera.

Surabaya Indonesia Attractions

See Endangered Animals

You should never pass on the chance to see the animals at this well-maintained zoo. You can see at the Surabaya Zoo some that are critically endangered in the country. If you love wildlife and you want to learn more about what is being done here to conserve the natural scenery, then this zoo is the best place to visit.

Learn About the Mangroves

If you are curious about the mangrove forest here in Surabaya, then you should take the chance to visit the Wonorejo Mangrove Forest. Here you can learn how the mangroves play a very important role in Surabaya’s marine life. You will also see how this helps with coastal protection. There are guided boat tours that you can join where you will also witness the local birds and other wildlife up close and personal.

Have a Picnic in the Gardens

The Suroboyo Garden is where you can experience a mix of natural beauty and see its cultural appeal. There are also recreational activities here that both tourists and locals enjoy. If you love the outdoors or you consider yourself an ecotourist, then you should visit the themed gardens here. These gardens offer a relaxing pause to the busy streets of the city.

Surabaya Indonesia Attractions

Enjoy The Urban Outdoor Parks

The Taman Bungkul is an urban park in Surabaya. The greenery haven here is a great outdoor relaxation that you need. Take a moment to enjoy nature as you relax and unwind in a peaceful environment. There are tree-lined pathways that you can enjoy and take pictures with, a lake, and more recreational activities to experience.

Surabaya may have that urban feel, but it will surprise you with its hidden nature gems. There are plenty of opportunities here that those looking for eco-friendly exploration will surely enjoy. So while you are in Surabaya, take the time to connect with wildlife and nature and visit the suggested places above.